School librarians play an important role in school for teachers, students and administrators. School librarians can be inspirational game changers for our students, from promoting literacy, teaching critical information literacy skills, providing a safe place for students to learn and explore to even supporting a makerspace for students to create and imagine.

This February, let us show our school librarians how much they mean to us.


  1. Print out the templates and distribute them to your students, children and/or staff and colleagues (
  2. Encourage everyone to write why their school librarian is important to them. Younger students can also use the open box on the inside top of the card to draw a picture.
  3. Hang the valentines throughout your building or library. You can also send the valentines to your Board of Education, letting them know how valuable their school librarian is.
  4. Help us advocate for school librarians – Share your favorite valentines or pictures of all of the valentines you receive with the NJLA School Library Taskforce by emailing pictures/scans to Mo Donohue, mdonohue@piscatawaylibrary. org. Be sure to include the name of your school and school district on all submissions.
  5. (Optional) Take pictures of the completed valentines or of the students making their valentines and post them to social media using the hashtag #ilovemyschoollibrarian.
  6. Questions? Comments? Contact Mo Donohue at or Darby Malvey at