“Public and school libraries are spearheading the makerspace movement in K-12 education.”
(Horizon Report 2015) (1)

School libraries often play a role in STEM based training in makerspaces and managing technology.  The school library is an excellent place to foster creativity, innovation, play and collaboration with peers.

For example, 63 New Jersey Schools participated in New Jersey Maker’s Day in 2016.

Examples of School Libraries with Makerspaces in New Jersey:
• Park Ridge Middle/High School Media Center
• Waldwick Middle and High School Media Center
• Von E Mauger Middle School (Middlesex)
• Woodbridge High School

Recent Relevant Research:

We propose the active participation of the school library media program toward the development of STEM identities among young people by having school librarians
(1) provide advisory information on the science-infused books and programs that young people can read—the school librarian as the information specialist;
(2) collaborate with STEM teachers and provide intellectual and physical access that further enrichs the STEM learning—the school librarian as the instructional partner; and
(3) act as technology allies to help educators and students experiment with new media tools and online communities.” (2)


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