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Student Growth Objectives

The New Jersey Department of Education does not mandate that school librarians develop SGOs, however, it allows each individual school district to decide whether or not school librarians develop them.

Many school districts are opting to require each school librarian to develop two SGOs for the school year.  If this is the case, 85% of your evaluation score will be based on observations, and 15% of your evaluation score will be based on your SGOs.  Please see Tim Matheney's (Director of Evaluation, Achieve NJ) presentation at the link on the presentation page for more information on this.   

A committee of NJASL volunteers has diligently worked on creating exemplar Student Growth Objectives in conjunction with the NJ Department of Education.   The exemplars have been approved and can be accessed  through the links in the Sample SGOs section of this website.  

We will continue to update and add resources as they become available!

Gabrielle Casieri

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